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Hereditary Breast Cancer Panel

Panel Description

Hereditary predisposition to breast cancer refers to the increased likelihood of developing adult-onset breast cancer due to genetic factors that are passed down in families. The most well-known genes are BRCA1 and BRCA2, although there are others, including the genes on this panel. Individuals with a pathogenic variant may also have an increased risk of other cancers such as ovarian and prostate, depending on the affected gene.

This panel evaluates 13 genes that have an established primary association with hereditary predisposition to breast cancer.

Genes Tested (13)


Important Panel Information

Turnaround time: 7-24 days

Preferred specimen: BD Vacutainer Whole Blood K2 EDTA Collection Tube 4mL or Oragene Dx Saliva Collection Kit

Shipping instructions: Specimens to arrive at Helix within 96 hours of collection at ambient temperature.

The genes on this panel were specifically selected for their established association with breast cancer and the availability of published medical management and surveillance recommendations. These recommendations may include increased cancer screening and preventive surgery for early-detection and prevention. Identification of a pathogenic variant also helps identify at-risk family members, who can pursue genetic testing and preventive measures.

The genes on this panel are associated with conditions that have autosomal dominant and/or autosomal recessive inheritance. Note that some of these genes may also be associated with other unrelated conditions; this means that when undergoing this test, there is a possibility of incidentally detecting carrier status for, or predisposition to, one of these unrelated conditions.

All detected variants are evaluated according to American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics recommendations. Variants are classified based on known, predicted, or possible pathogenicity and reported with interpretive comments detailing their potential or known significance.

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