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Population Genomics Initiatives Powered by Helix

The Healthy Nevada Project with Renown IHI

The Healthy Nevada Project, created by the Renown Institute for Health Innovation (IHI), is a clinical study offering free genetic testing to residents of Nevada. This study aims to create a robust set of data—genomics, medical, and environmental—that enables researchers at Renown Health and the Desert Research Institute to advance the standard of care in Nevada and the nation. Participants in this study are given insights about their genetic ancestry and the potential influence of their DNA on certain wellness traits; among those who opt in to receive potentially medically relevant information, some participants will also learn about their genetic predispositions for certain diseases linked to heart disease and various cancers.

Tapestry with Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is creating a library of genomic sequencing data on 100,000 consented Mayo Clinic participants to advance research and patient care. Participants’ DNA will be sequenced using Helix’s Exome+ assay. Participants in this study, known as Tapestry, will receive genetic screening results for three highly actionable hereditary conditions that often go unrecognized, including familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2), and Lynch syndrome, a form of hereditary colorectal cancer. Over time, results will be returned to Tapestry participants and their Mayo Clinic providers. This will allow the Mayo Clinic to evaluate the benefits of Exome+ sequencing and the short- and long-term impact on health-related outcomes, healthcare utilization, and physician acceptance.

WholeMe with AdventHealth

WholeMe is the first study of its kind to take root in Florida. In partnership with Helix, AdventHealth aims to sequence DNA from 10,000 Floridians in an effort to better prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. Their goal is to learn how genetic information can be successfully used to advance the standard of care in Florida while also empowering participants with a combination of fun insights about their DNA and, in some cases, potentially life-saving information. AdventHealth believes knowledge is power and they want you to feel in control. To feel empowered. To feel whole.

Genobank Project with the University of Arizona Health Sciences Biorepository

The Genobank Project is a large-scale study seeking to collect genetic data from ethnically diverse individuals with the ultimate goal of learning more about the ways in which our DNA may affect health and contribute to disease development—including diseases that disproportionately affect minority communities. Each participant is sequenced using Helix’s Exome+ assay and this data is then used for groundbreaking research. Additionally, participants may consent to receive a free genetic report detailing their genetic ancestry and more.

In Our DNA SC with the Medical University of South Carolina

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is joining the latest wave of population genomics programs, and partnering with Helix to launch In Our DNA SC. The large-scale (100,000 participant) program is designed to improve health care outcomes by integrating genetic insights into clinical care and research. MUSC will leverage Helix’s unique Sequence Once, Query Often™ model and its end-to-end integration platform to enable immediate clinical application and continual on-demand use of genetic insights throughout a patient’s life. The robust clinico-genomic dataset developed from consenting participants will also be used to pioneer and further advance genomics research.

myGenetics with HealthPartners

HealthPartners has launched myGenetics, a population genomics program that will provide important healthinformation to families across Minnesota and surrounding states. As a large-scale community health research program, myGenetics has partnered with Helix to better understand how DNA impacts health and how it may be used to provide more personalized care to HealthPartners patients. The program aligns with HealthPartners ongoing drive to deliver simple, personalized, affordable care while advancing precision medicine and greater health equity. The myGenetics program is available to HealthPartners patients over the age of 18 and aims to enroll more than 100,000 participants over four years.

genoME® with Memorial Hermann

Memorial Hermann Health System will be launching a population genomics research program designed to utilize DNA information to look for hidden health risks. Information will be used to help the health system better understand the health of its overall population. It will give patients and their providers insight into their health to personalize patient care and create proactive care plans to address key risk factors. It will have an anticipated 100,000 participants and will be one of the largest population health research programs in Texas. The program will be used by Memorial Hermann to redefine health care for the communities the system has served for more than 115 years.

The Gene Health Project with WellSpan Health

WellSpan Health is launching a comprehensive population genomics program designed to improve patient healthcare outcomes by integrating genetic insights into clinical care and research in Pennsylvania. The genetic reports made available by this program may allow patients and their health providers to develop precision health care plans to proactively mitigate serious health risk conditions and take a more preventative and individualized approach to their care. WellSpan will leverage Helix’s end-to-end genomic platform and unique Sequence Once, Query Often™ model. This allows the opportunity to run future tests that provide new and ongoing health insights without the need to collect additional genetic samples from each patient.

St. Luke’s University Health Network

St. Luke’s University Health Network is launching a new community health research program to offer precision medicine opportunities to patients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The program initially aims to enroll 100,000 participants over four years. The individuals who participate will be provided with important health information about their potential risks for serious health conditions such as certain types of cardiovascular disease and cancer, allowing them to make proactive decisions in conjunction with their healthcare provider to potentially delay, reduce, or even prevent these conditions from occurring. Helix will apply its end-to-end genomics platform and unique Sequence Once, Query Often™ model, which allows future genomic tests to be run with a provider’s order without the need to collect an additional sample. This may provide each participant’s provider of choice with information that can be used to tailor care options and prescribe medications with greater accuracy to improve effectiveness.

Nebraska Medicine

Nebraska Medicine, the state’s largest hospital and leading academic health network, announced a partnership with Helix to launch a population genomics program to drive precision medicine for all individuals in Nebraska called the Genetic Insights Project. The research program will identify participants’ risk for a variety of cancers and other potentially life-threatening diseases with a single test, with the goal of not only helping to improve the lives of individual patients but identify trends for everyone across the region. The new program's goal is to enroll 100,000 people, making it the largest population health program in Nebraska. There will be no cost associated with participating in the research project to any participant involved, and participation is completely voluntary. Partnering with Helix allows for the possibility of future genomics testing to be ordered without having to re-sequence patients. This may give providers and patients access to ongoing insights at point-of-care about their health throughout their lifetime.

Cone Health

Cone Health, a not-for-profit health care network serving people in the North Carolina Piedmont region, will launch a population genomics testing program with Helix. The program will put precision medicine to work in Alamance, Forsyth, Guilford, Rockingham and Randolph counties and beyond. The joint project will enroll 100,000 healthy people over a 5-year period. Genetic testing will provide medical insights for Cone Health patients using Helix’s population genomics platform. It is expected that the program will result in better, more effective care for people who develop health conditions and information that people and their providers can use to potentially delay, reduce or even prevent illness. The program will also help Cone Health uncover what risks might be occurring at disproportionate levels within communities, better understand the health of the overall population and build wellness programs for the broader community.

Sanford Health

Sanford Health, the largest rural health system in the United States, is launching a partnership with Helix, to launch a new population genomics program that will drive precision medicine for communities in the Upper Midwest. Together, the partners aim to enroll 100,000 participants, providing actionable, early and preventive medical care insights for Sanford Health patients with Helix’s population genomics platform. The program will build on the success of Sanford Imagenetics, which was established in 2014 and has served more than 70,000 patients through genetic screening and testing programs.

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