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Until recently, personal genomics has been uncharted territory. Now, DNA has the power to inform your daily life—from the decisions you make about your health to understanding your personal preferences at a biological level.

That’s why we’re building Helix, a source for DNA learning—a place to find the latest and greatest in DNA-powered products from our reputable partners, so you can live better today and years from now.

What You'll Find at Helix

A lifetime of insights

As DNA plays a bigger role in our everyday life, it’s important to move past the one-and-done testing of today. With Helix, DNA from a tiny saliva sample generates a lifetime of insights. From personalized fitness plans to family planning resources and even wine tasting recommendations, it’s easy to get excited about the products and services Helix and our partners will offer.

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Introducing the first product on Helix

Get started with a personal history lesson from National Geographic

National Geographic has been charting the unknown for over a century. Now, through our partnership with National Geographic, you can learn the unique story of your ancestors, where they lived, and how they migrated.

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Our Upcoming Partners

What’s coming next

With these partners, we’re building high-quality, scientifically valid products and services in areas such as health, wellness, family planning, and more.

Together, we’re establishing the future of DNA discovery for your everyday life.

  • National Geographic

How it Works

One sequence.
Limitless learning

Order any product and we’ll sequence your DNA from just a small saliva sample. Once your initial sequence is complete, your data will be securely stored and will be available to use with products from any upcoming Helix partner, for as long as you wish.