There is a part of you that you’ve never met before.

DNA is more than a code. It’s who you are. Every person deserves the opportunity to discover insights into their DNA that are secure, accurate, and affordable.

That's why we’re creating the world’s most advanced genetics lab and building a diverse ecosystem of high-quality partners to deliver uniquely personalized products, services, and applications.

We're Helix. A big idea for a simple goal. Uncover your DNA story in 2016.

Our focus areas

  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Genealogy
  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Family
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Our understanding of the genome is growing at an unprecedented rate. For the first time, we can draw on this new information to build products and services that are more tailored, useful, and relevant to people's lives. The Helix Platform provides partners the capabilities and know-how to offer these new insights and discover new opportunities. Focus on building products, not laboratories.

We provide:
World-class laboratory capabilities

We're constructing one of the largest and most advanced CLIA/CAP certified next-generation sequencing laboratories to unlock DNA information that has never before been available to consumers.

Fast and accurate data analysis

We’re advancing data science and bioinformatics to transform raw DNA data into accurate and actionable insights that partners can access through Helix Platform APIs.

Secure and private storage

We’re building secure lifetime storage with the highest privacy standards so every individual can access and control their genetic information.

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We are a curious and driven team of scientists, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We come from all backgrounds – healthcare, finance, academia, consumer technology – and are passionate about empowering people to explore the biology that makes them unique. Meet the team
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