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Learn your story through your ancestry.


Discover ancient origins going back as far as hundreds of thousands of years, and learn how much of a Neanderthal you really are.

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An entirely new level of entertainment.

From finding your next bottle of wine to wearing a DNA-customized scarf, turn the building blocks of you into interesting insights.

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Insights to help you plan your family.


Insights to help you and your family grow the way you want today, tomorrow, and for years to come. Learn what your DNA has to say about your loved ones and you.

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Unlock your DNA to improve your fitness.

Go beyond tracking your steps and make your next workout specific to you. Understanding your DNA can help you reach your full potential.

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Sharpen the focus on your health.


Through hereditary condition and wellness screening, these products provide insights for you and your doctor.

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Personalized playlists? Why not nutrition?

Now you can choose a diet best suited to you. Turn DNA insights into healthy food decisions that make your body happy.

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One sequence.
Limitless learning.

Order any product and we’ll sequence your DNA with just a small saliva sample. Once your initial sequence is complete, your data will be securely stored, and will be available to share with any Helix partner of your choosing, for as long as you wish.

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