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Dad likes telling stories. With a DNA kit, help him tell truer stories.

Giver of advice. Griller of meats and veggies. Source of dad jokes. Fixer of things (sometimes with duct tape). Lover of lounge chairs.
Dads wear many hats, and we celebrate each and every one of those hats on Father’s Day. Dads also say many things, like insisting that he walked uphill both ways to school (in 10 feet of snow) when he was your age—and he liked it!
Look, we can’t verify all of Dad’s tales. But with a Helix DNA kit, we can at least help him tell more accurate ones.

“Did you know we’re related to Charles Darwin?”

Dad will love gathering the family around to share this little gem. Talk about Happy Father’s Day: With Geno 2.0 from National Geographic, he could use the Genius Matches feature to discover that he shares common lineage with the actual father of evolution himself.

“Did you know your great great grandfather invented chess?”

C’mon, Dad, everyone knows chess dates back more than 1,000 years. But it’s possible that your ancestors had a predisposition for strategy! DNAPassport by HumanCode is a great way to introduce Dad to his genome, revealing over 40 insights about who he is. One of those insights explores the genetics of warriors versus strategists. (And with DNAPassport’s Orbit feature, you can even see how your traits stack up against Dad’s.)

“I once ran a marathon in less than 3 hours. Then I ran home.”

This one’s possible—DNA certainly isn’t destiny, and maybe Dad has an intense training regimen. But even if he might be embellishing a bit, Dad can use genetic insights in products from companies like Azumio, CTS, DNAFit, and Intelliseq to help him achieve his fitness goals.

“Go on, dig in to that ice cream… you got your metabolism from me.”

Dad might have his theories about nutrition, but his DNA can help fill in some of the blanks. With products from EverlyWell, Lose It!, InsideTracker, Arivale, Azumio, and Re:Point, he can put himself on the path to understanding his food sensitivities, dietary predispositions… and yes, even his metabolism.