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You carry your DNA everywhere you go. Why not carry your fitness trainer, too?

Why do so many New Year’s resolutions peter out? Year after year, we promise ourselves that this will be the year that we get fit, or that this will be the year we eat a balanced diet. Yet most people will find themselves with the same goals every year. So how do we break the cycle? Start with a little personalized help from Diet Fitness Pro 360 from DNAFit.

Making fitness personal

To help you take a personal interest in your workouts, DNAFit analyzes your DNA to see how it may be impacting your diet and exercise. Insights include your possible genetic predisposition to injury, whether you’re likely to be better at endurance or power exercises, and how your body is likely to processes various nutrients.

With Fitness Diet Pro 360, you’ll learn how certain genetic factors may be affecting you, like sports related soft-tissue injury predisposition and Omega-3 metabolism. You’ll also be able to see the spectrum of possible effects that result from these genetic factors.

A routine that works with your DNA—and your schedule

Free time is hard to come by. Long work hours, long commutes, and countless obligations can make going to the gym hard. Fortunately, DNAFit has you covered. With the DNAFit app, you’ll gain access to an exercise planner, complete with videos and detailed instructions for numerous workouts. Don’t have time for a regular gym routine? With the DNAFit app, your workouts are just a few clicks away.

Fitness Diet Pro 360 helps you exercise at the times and places that work for you. You’ll get easy access to videos and descriptions demonstrating a variety of exercises suited to meet your fitness goals.

A smarter, more personalized approach to food

In addition to exercise, Diet Fitness Pro 360 also provides you with a wealth of recipes that help make eating a smart and tasty endeavor. Along with the recipe, each dish comes with a breakdown of macronutrients to help you pick foods that are right for your diet.

What’s in the food you’re eating, and how does it contribute to your diet? With recipes and macronutrient breakdowns, Fitness Diet Pro 360 takes the guesswork out of eating smarter.

Ready to join DNAFit and Helix in making this year’s goals a thing of the past? It all starts here >