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How painful is a DNA test, anyway?

A DNA test isn’t painful at all. No needles, no blood!
Believe it or not, all it takes to get your DNA sequenced with Helix is our DNA kit—which you can get by shopping products in the Helix Store—and a little saliva. (Certain partner products in our marketplace require additional samples like blood in order to perform supplemental tests, but the actual DNA sequencing just needs saliva.)
That’s right: our scientists are back with the latest episodes of DNA Myths, and they’re here to set the record straight. Ready to learn a thing or two about what makes DNA so cool? Scroll down for a peek at our latest episodes. To learn more about how your genetics can influence your health and the expression of certain diseases and conditions, check out the health products in the Helix Store.

MYTH: We’re stuck with whatever DNA forces us to be

Presented by Sharon Briggs, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

MYTH: Getting a DNA test requires a blood sample

Presented by Erick Loomis, Ph.D., Scientist

There’s more to come! Follow Helix on YouTube to see our DNA Myths as they’re published. If you’d like to learn more about Helix, visit—and don’t forget to check out the Helix Store.