Advancing Genomic Medicine

Helix is the leading population genomics and viral surveillance company.

Helix enables health systems, public health organizations and life sciences companies to accelerate the integration of genomic data into patient care and public health decision making.

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Genomics for Health Systems

Population genomics programs with Helix provides an end-to-end integrated solution for health systems to uncover genetic risk more efficiently and utilize genetic insights at the point-of-care. Leading health systems have seen population genomics improve care, address health inequities and engage patients & providers, all while reducing costs.

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Public Health

Our nationwide COVID-19 viral surveillance services provide access to comprehensive, real-time intelligence, analytics and forecasting for public and private partners. It is supported by Helix’s high-throughput diagnostic testing.

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Life Sciences

Our proprietary real world clinico-genomic datasets, health systems network and genetic research capabilities enable us to accelerate efforts across drug discovery, drug development and commercialization efforts.

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