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The Future of Precision Medicine: Leveraging Clinico-Genomic Data for Germline Disorders

In a rapidly evolving drug development landscape, it’s becoming increasingly important to leverage precision approaches to help characterize sub-populations of patients and uncover individual genetic drivers of safety and response – especially for germline disorders including cardiovascular. Genetic data combined with linked longitudinal clinical data, including full labs & patient vitals/demographics, has been shown to optimize target discovery and address the challenges of 'precision’ medicine development.

During this discussion, experts share methods for identifying promising drug targets and biomarkers by leveraging linked clinico-genomic data in advancing therapeutic development and its application from research to clinical care.

Insights offered in this discussion:

  • Examine how linked clinico-genomic data can help better understand complex disease mechanisms to enable the development of targeted therapeutics with better safety and efficacy profiles
  • Leverage these datasets to support the identification and stratification of diverse patient populations that are more likely to respond to targeted therapeutics
  • Understand the health research perspective on how genetic medicines are translated into clinical care especially in cardiovascular diseases
  • Explore real-world examples where precision medicine has impacted drug development


James Lu, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, Helix
Christopher J. O’Donnell, MD, Global Head Cardiovascular and Metabolism Translational Medicine, Novartis

Daniel Judge, MD, Edwin W. and Teresa H. Rogers Endowed Chair for Cardiovascular Research, MUSC