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Personalized Medicine & Genomics: What Your Medical Group Needs to Know

2024 American Medical Group Association (AMGA) Virtual Event

The future of genomics and personalized medicine is rapidly evolving. This webinar dives into what your medical group needs to know to responsibly scale the utilization of genomics to deliver improved patient care. Learn how genomics is poised to revolutionize care delivery for health systems across the nation, offering a paradigm shift from one-size-fits-all treatments to individualized, precision-guided approaches.

Gain insights from experts in the field Aldo Carmona, MD, SVP, Clinical Integration at St. Luke's University Health Network, and Cassie Hajek, MD, FACP, FACMG, Medical Director at Helix, as they share their experiences launching and scaling population-wide genomics programs. As providers, they will discuss essential strategies for seamless integration into clinical workflows and the EHR, in order to secure optimal provider engagement and patient impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why health systems are implementing genomics as part of their personalized medicine strategies
  • What medical groups need to know to implement a genomics program
  • How to integrate genomics into your systems' clinical workflow and EHR to optimize provider engagement and patient impact