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Partner Perspectives with MUSC - Update

Revolutionizing Healthcare: In Our DNA SC

MUSC has partnered with Helix to launch In Our DNA SC, a program that aims to improve healthcare outcomes by integrating genetic insights into clinical care and research. The large-scale program will enroll 100,000 participants and create a clinico-genomic dataset to advance genomics research. Helix's platform will enable immediate clinical application and continual on-demand use of genetic insights throughout a patient's life.

Learn about our commitment to inclusivity and reaching underserved communities through our clinical advisory board, bringing expertise from across the state. Find out how we're educating clinicians and researchers, making genetic testing an integral part of clinical practice, and the exciting possibilities of pharmacogenomics – getting the right drug for the right person.

This program isn't just screening; it's about reusing genetic data for ongoing health insights, from cancer detection to cardiovascular disease. Personalized medicine isn't just a phrase; it's a reality for the patients of WellSpan. Join us on this journey of innovation and impact.


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