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The Future of Genomics

Sequence Once, Query Often®

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the need for efficient and cost-effective genetic testing is paramount. At Helix, we offer Sequence Once, Query Often®, a model that revolutionizes how we think about and utilize genetic data.

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What is Sequence Once, Query Often?

Our Exome+® assay sequences patients' DNA once to create a digital genomic resource for multiple uses, including pharmacogenomics. This enhances patient care, supports precision medicine, reduces costs, and fuels research, aligning with our mission to empower health systems in delivering personalized healthcare.

Creating a lifelong digital genomic resource

Genetic information is unique in the healthcare sector for its constancy; it remains unchanged throughout a person's life. This stability makes it an invaluable resource for both patient care and research. Traditional genetic testing methods require new samples (blood or saliva) for each test, limiting the scope and increasing the turnaround time and cost of testing. Sequence Once, Query Often eliminates this inefficiency by allowing for multiple queries on a single, high-quality sequencing data set.

Our Exome+ assay is specifically designed to sequence the most important parts of the genome that directly impact healthcare applications. This comprehensive sequencing forms the backbone of the Sequence Once, Query Often model, enabling a future where digital re-use of genetic data is not just expected but has become the norm.

Healthcare providers can make real-time decisions based on pre-existing genetic data. Whether prescribing medications or gaining insight for diagnosis and treatment, the Sequence Once, Query Often® model seeks to provide immediate access to genetic information, transforming the healthcare paradigm.

We are at the cusp of a new era in which the digital reuse of genetic data will become standard practice in healthcare. Sequence Once, Query Often is not just a model; it's a vision for a more efficient, cost-effective, and patient-centric future.

Sequence Once, Query Often is offered exclusively to our health system partners.

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