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Privacy and Policy Highlights

With Helix, you are in control of how and when your information is used. We believe it’s your right.

Learn how Helix prioritizes the security of your genetic information and the privacy of your personal information. We also encourage you to read our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Platform Consent, but we understand that you might not have the time to dive deep, so we’ve highlighted key topics for you here.

What to Expect From Helix

You control how your information is used and shared. You manage your experience, who receives your information (and who doesn't), and what you learn from products available through the Helix.

Your DNA

Helix will collect, process, and store your DNA produced from a saliva sample.

We will sequence your DNA using our Exome+ technology. This process looks at approximately all genes that code for the proteins that do your body’s work, plus hundreds of thousands of other regions of interest that can power products. We do not perform whole genome sequencing today. Want to know even more about how the Helix platform works? See our white papers: Performance of the Helix Exome+®Assay and Helix Exome+ Clinical Applications White Paper.

When you purchase or access a DNA product, you allow us to share only the portion of your genetic information that is needed to provide that product, service, or experience, and improve it over time. You also allow us to share some basic details about you, like your age, sex, and contact information, and to share your sample/DNA to confirm your results, enable your participation in research, and/or validate our technology.

Helix Research

Helix believes in the value of research to make people’s lives better. We may reach out to you to inform you of research opportunities.

All research is IRB-approved. That means it has been authorized by an institutional review board that oversees human research projects to ensure safety, privacy, and ethical standards are met. We hope these research endeavors will improve health and wellness for people everywhere.

What to Expect From Our Partners

Our partners build the products on the Helix marketplace, but the information in your DNA is what powers your experience. To make sure that information is secure at all times, we expect each and every partner on the Helix platform to work securely, honestly, and transparently.

Our Standards

We set a high bar for ourselves and have rigorous standards we uphold. We also expect our partners to meet the standards that we established when it comes to privacy, security, control, and experience.

We review each and every product before they become available to our customers. First, we assess the risk of the potential product. Next, we test the products to help ensure our customers receive accurate insights about themselves. The final step is called Scientific Evidence Evaluation, which evaluates the underlying scientific content and claims of each partner product. For more information, see the Principles for Helix Science Evaluation of Partner Products.

Partner Policies

Each DNA product has its own risks, benefits, and limitations, as described in the policies for that DNA product. We encourage you to check out our partners’ policies before you purchase products from them.

At any point, you may contact the provider of a DNA product you have purchased to stop your service, remove access to your information, and request that the partner closes your account.


You are in control of your privacy on the Helix platform. Our goal is to give you the information and tools needed to help you understand and manage how your information is protected, shared, and stored.

How We Use Your Data

When you provide a sample to Helix, we become the custodian of your genetic information. We believe your genetic information belongs to you.

Helix does not sell your information for any reason without your explicit consent. All use of your data is based on your explicit consent to do so.

We may highlight products you may find interesting based on your search or purchase history, but these recommendations will not be based on your genetic information or results.

Helix evaluates law enforcement and other legal requests for data on a case-by-case basis. Our policy is to notify the subject of such requests before sharing any information, unless we are legally prohibited from doing so.

Self-reported Information

When you purchase a DNA product, you allow Helix to share with that provider the portion of your genetic information and other self-reported information that is needed to provide that product or service and improve it over time. Helix shares this information only with your consent, or in limited circumstances described in our Privacy Policy.

We may also ask for some self-reported information, such as your diet and exercise habits. This information could improve the insights you get from DNA products. They could also enable other experiences and support services through the Helix Store. Whether or not you share this information is up to you.

You can close your Helix account at any time. If you choose to do so, neither you nor anyone else will have further access to your genetic information from Helix. If you have already shared information with any of our partners, you will have a choice to stop or continue giving them permission to use your data. Information you’ve shared with partners is governed by their policies, and you will need to contact them directly if you want to close your account with them. We will keep certain information for support, legal, and regulatory reasons.

Our Pillars of Data Protection

Data Security

We use strong SSL/TLS ciphers and strict policies to help keep your information private and safe.

Data Sharing

You can choose to stop sharing your information with us or our partners at any time. We believe it’s your right.

Trusted Partners

We expect our partners to meet high standards that we establish for privacy, security, and user control.

Account and Data Security

We take the security of your information seriously. Whether we’re building new experiences or launching new products on the Helix Store, the security of your genetic and personal information is our first consideration.


While no service is 100% secure, we do our best to keep any information you share with Helix safe. We use industry best practices to avoid any misuse of information we store for you.

We encrypt your genetic and personal information using strong SSL/TLS ciphers, similar to those used by banks, in order to safely share data with partners who provide you with the DNA products you purchase.

Your Password

Keeping your Helix account secure is important to maintaining the privacy of your genetic information. Always use a strong password, and remember that Helix will never ask for your password by phone or email.

SOC 2 is an industry-standard, technology service provider report verifying compliance and controls pertaining to Security, Availability, and Confidentiality. “Type 2“ details the suitability and effectiveness of internal controls within an over-time evaluation period for Compliance.

Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

Check out our FAQs, contact us, or give us a call at 844.211.2070 Mon–Fri, 7am–4pm Pacific.