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Anuva Announces Series A Closure and Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With Helix

MUMBAI, India - August 29, 2022 Anuva (formerly known as Global Gene Corp) enters into its next stage of growth focused on creating the most diverse Genomic Bio / Data Bank at scale. To enable this, Anuva is entering into a global strategic partnership with Helix, the leading population genomics and viral surveillance company in the United States.

Anuva will be generating new knowledge on health and disease, directly applicable to treatments, on diverse under-represented populations to advance drug discovery through the identification of novel targets and pathways with the ultimate goal of providing better health for all.

Anuva’s partnership with Helix will allow the company to leverage Helix’s deep expertise in sequencing technology and translational research. Helix’s proprietary Exome+® assay will provide Anuva higher coverage on clinically relevant genes and a whole genome backbone enabling tens of millions of imputed variants as well as the full mitochondrial genome. Combined with Anuva’s proprietary Genomic Bio / Data Bank, which incorporates genomic data and deeply phenotyped participants, along with a biorepository from diverse Asian subpopulations, Anuva will be able to create the largest multi-population dataset from Asia.

Abhishek Kumar, Director at Anuva said “We are excited to partner with Helix as their expertise in genomics sequencing for large-scale populations, which together with our recent closure of series A funding will allow us to accelerate our plans to create the most diverse Genomic Bio / Data Bank much quicker than ever before.”

“Anuva is doing great work to close the critical data diversity gap in genomics for drug discovery,” said Daniel Lee, Senior Vice President of Life Sciences and Growth at Helix. “We’re thrilled to be able to provide Anuva access to our whole exome assay as they enter their next stage of growth.”

Rapid development in technology to study genomics is disrupting the entire healthcare sector as focus turns to providing personalized healthcare with a high degree of effectiveness compared to the current methods. As technology evolves, business models and industry partnerships will need to adapt to bring the full potential of genomics to the global population. Anuva’s partnership with Helix marks a significant step in that direction. Anuva’s creation of this previously unavailable dataset will empower drug discovery researchers to explore human health to a greater extent than ever done before. This new understanding will enable the discovery of novel biological targets and pathways that inform the development of treatments and also identify who would benefit most from them.

About Anuva

Anuva is a translational research company that is creating the most diverse Genomic Bio/Data Bank of Asian Populations, which is being utilized for research & development within the pharma industry. In addition, our cohorts and biorepository allows for follow-on clinical and translational studies, which greatly empower drug development opportunities.

About Helix

Helix is the leading population genomics and viral surveillance company operating at the intersection of clinical care, research, and data analytics. Helix enables health systems, life sciences companies, payers, and government partners to accelerate the integration of genomic data into patient care and public health decision making. Learn more at

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