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Powering the world's fastest growing population health program in Nevada

Researchers at the Healthy Nevada Project had originally started with microarray data, but soon realized that they needed CLIA/CAP exome data to meet their goals. Our high-throughput sequencing lab made clinical-grade genomic data available that met their rigorous needs. We made recruitment easy, too: By offering participants a Helix account with informative, easy-to-use ancestry and traits apps, Helix and the Healthy Nevada Project stimulated demand, recruiting 10,000 Nevadans in less than a week. In less than one year, Healthy Nevada has assembled one of the largest genomic and health data sets in the world.


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Population health engagement

Increase engagement and retention

The Helix platform helps you differentiate your organization in a competitive healthcare marketplace with a human-centric approach to population health:

- Our ancestry and traits insights tap into consumer curiosity, engaging participants and encouraging faster enrollment.

- Raise your profile and drive more interest in your health system with cutting-edge genomics research.

- Leverage our flexible and economical model to improve outcomes and raise the general health of the communities you serve.

Looking for your results?

If you're a participant and have questions about your results or the study you participated in, we're happy to help!

Designed from the ground up to meet your needs

Helix's clinical-grade genomics platform offers you flexibility, delivering accurate and actionable results even as new discoveries are made.

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In-house expertise

Helix has dedicated bioinformatics, laboratory, and quality teams that are focused on ensuring the high-quality of data necessary to inform the broadest range of genetic insights.

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CLIA/CAP Exome+ data

Exome+® is a proprietary assay that includes a medical exome as well as a microarray backbone to power research, clinical products, and nonclinical applications.3,4

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Sequence once, query often

Only Helix sequences and securely stores a whole exome today on behalf of each participant. Access just the data you need; with the participant’s consent, you can come back for more when you’re ready.

An end-to-end approach to population genomics

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Driving a higher standard of care

Helix partners with health systems and research institutions to maximize the impact of the genome to prevent disease in your communities.

Immediate impact

Genetic Risk Factor Statistic

Identify at-risk members

Population health initiatives help you save lives today. In a health system serving one million people, 30,000 to 40,000 are carrying an ACMG 59 variant—and many aren’t aware. 67% of BRCA2 variant carriers have no family history of associated disease.2

Support your community

With genomic data in hand, your physicians, genetic counselors, and nurses can reach out to individuals to deliver positive findings and design clinical action plans. 

A lifetime of benefit

Actionable genetic screening

Genomics on your terms

No matter your specialty or area of research, our flexibility enables you to add genomics to all of your initiatives at a pace that's right for you.

Provide ongoing updates

With Helix, your participants have all 20,000 genes on file, allowing you access to additional genetic insights over time with their consent.


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