Population genomics initiatives powered by Helix

Logo for Helix Population Genomics project Healthy Nevada Project, run by Helix's population genomics partner Renown IHI.

The Healthy Nevada Project with Renown IHI

The Healthy Nevada Project is a clinical study offering free genetic testing to residents of Nevada. This study aims to create a robust set of data—genomics, medical, and environmental—that enables researchers at Renown Health and the Desert Research Institute to advance the standard of care in Nevada and the nation as a whole. Participants in this study are given insights about their genetic ancestry and the potential influence of their DNA on certain wellness traits; among those who opt-in to receiving potentially medically relevant information, some participants will also learn about their genetic predispositions for certain diseases linked to heart disease and various cancers.

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Tapestry with Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is creating a library of genomic sequencing data on 100,000 consented Mayo Clinic participants to advance research and patient care. Participants’ DNA will be sequenced using Helix’s Exome+ assay. Participants in this study, known as Tapestry, will receive genetic screening results for three highly actionable hereditary conditions that often go unrecognized, including familial hypercholesterolemia (FH), hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA2), and Lynch syndrome, a form of hereditary colorectal cancer. Over time, results will be returned to Tapestry participants as well as their Mayo Clinic provider. This will allow Mayo Clinic to evaluate the benefits of Exome+ sequencing and the short- and long-term impact on health-related outcomes, health care utilization, and physician acceptance.

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Logo for Helix Population Genomics project WholeMe, run by Helix's population genomics partner Advent Health.

WholeMe with AdventHealth

WholeMe is the first study of its kind to take root in Florida. In partnership with Helix, AdventHealth aims to sequence DNA from 10,000 Floridians in an effort to better prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases. Their goal is to learn how genetic information can be successfully used to advance the standard of care in Florida while also empowering participants with a combination of fun insights about their DNA and, in some cases, potentially life-saving information. AdventHealth believes knowledge is power and they want you to feel in control. To feel empowered. To feel whole.

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Genobank Project with the University of Arizona Health Sciences Biorepository

The Genobank Project is a large-scale study seeking to collect genetic data from ethnically diverse individuals with the ultimate goal of learning more about the ways in which our DNA may affect health and contribute to disease development—including diseases that disproportionately affect minority communities. Each participant is sequenced using Helix’s Exome+ assay and this data is then used for groundbreaking research. Additionally, participants may consent to receive a free genetic report detailing their genetic ancestry and more.

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