“The analysis of these large datasets in collaboration with Renown could help identify genetic variants that impact the risk of developing NASH and thereby advance the discovery and development of new treatments for this disease.”

John McHutchison, AO, MD

Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Research and Development, Gilead Sciences

Applying population genomics and viral surveillance to enable the scale of personalized, integrated life sciences solutions.

Helix provides a comprehensive platform of solutions that can be used to turn our proprietary clinico-genomic database of Exome+ sequencing data and deep phenotypic data on recontactable individuals into actionable insights for your organization. These solutions also leverage our extensive network of health system partnerships to accelerate efforts across the drug development process from discovery, all the way to commercialization.

Accelerate your efforts across the drug development process

What we do

Target Identification & Validation

Exome+® sequencing data plus longitudinal EHRs on recontactable individuals enables:
  • Identification of promising targets and biomarkers for drug candidates
  • Validation of candidates of interest
    in custom cohorts and independent dataset(s)

Clinical Trial Solutions

Combining our population genomics health system network and clinico-genomic databases to accelerate clinical trials and generate deeper insights for later stage trial design
and drug label application:
  • Genotype-first approaches to accelerate patient enrollment
  • Proactive whole exome
    sequencing during a trial to drive further genetic insights
  • Early use of pharmacovigilance to understand adverse drug reactions and identify populations with increased or decreased therapy responses

Real-World Evidence and Insights

Our dynamically refreshed clinical dataset and heath system network facilitates:
  • Use of real-world epidemiology data and analytics for market access and pricing discussions
  • Longitudinal monitoring for label expansion studies

Enabling the application of genomics for life sciences companies at a scale and depth not previously possible

Versatile Exome+® Assay

Go beyond GWAS

Panel-grade clinical exome provides the performance of a targeted panel, the breadth of a microarray, and the completeness of an exome — all in one assay

Unparalleled Population Reach

Expand in real time

Unheard-of scale and reach into a variety of populations with our network of population genomics programs across the United States

Genetic Research Expertise

Get started quickly

Analytic, genetic and scientific expertise working with large clinico-genomic datasets through our database of consented patients

Unique Real-World Datasets

Customized to your needs

Diverse clinico-genomic data,
continuously growing in scale, with longitudinal EHR data regularly refreshed

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