Driving population genomics for research, clinical, and commercial impact

Helix provides a scalable genomics research platform to conduct large-scale genetic analyses on deeply phenotyped, recontactable individuals. Our proprietary clinico-genomic database of Exome+® sequencing data and deep phenotypic data can be used to accelerate efforts across the drug development lifecycle from discovery to commercialization.

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What we do

Target identification & validation

Exome+® sequencing data plus longitudinal EHRs on recontactable individuals enables:
  • Identification of promising targets and biomarkers for drug candidates
  • Validation of candidates of interest in custom cohorts and independent dataset(s)

Large-scale patient

Our network of actively enrolling sites across the US supports:
  • Patient identification at scale for hard-to-diagnose hereditary diseases
  • Genotype-first or phenotype-first approaches to patient identification / referral with full recontactability

Real-world evidence generation

Our dynamically refreshed clinical dataset and recontactable patients facilitates:
  • Use of real-world epidemiology data and analytics for market access and pricing discussions
  • Longitudinal monitoring for label expansion studies

Enabling genomic research at a scale and
depth not previously possible

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Versatile Exome+® assay

Go beyond GWAS
Panel-grade clinical exome provides the performance of a targeted panel, the breadth of a microarray, and the completeness of an exome — all from one assay

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Powerful analytical tools

Get started quickly
Researchers can get started quickly and write code using familiar tools on Helix-hosted infrastructure with no ongoing maintenance

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Rapidly scalable infrastructure

Expand in real-time
Frequent updates for incremental samples reduces time to population-scale analyses

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Industry-leading privacy and security

Security first
Segregation and encryption of personal and genetic information with strict limitations on access protects the privacy of individual data

From sample to answer at population-scale

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