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Helix Mitochondrial Database

The largest publicly available mitochondrial variant database

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About the database

The HelixMTdb database reflects aggregated and de-identified mitochondrial DNA variants observed in individuals sequenced at Helix. These individuals have not been sequenced based on the presence or absence of any medical phenotype (i.e. there are no inclusion or exclusion criteria in the registration process based on any medical phenotype).

Research using HelixMTdb

Selective constraints and pathogenicity of mitochondrial DNA variants inferred from a novel database of 196,554 unrelated individuals, Bolze* and Mendez* et. al., BioRxiv, October 8, 2019.

HelixMTdb presentation by Alexandre Bolze, Ph.D.

Helix Scientist Alexandre Bolze, Ph.D., recently presented the HelixMTdb at the 9th Human Genetics in NYC Conference. If you missed it, don't worry: You can download his presentation slides here. A similar talk can be seen below. Have questions? Fill out the contact form below to get in contact with us.

Abstract shapes with light colors for the background

Listen to this brief talk from Helix scientist Alexandre Bolze to learn about the HelixMtDb and how it might be used.

Citing the HelixMTdb

If you use the HelixMTdb in your research, we ask that you cite its use and include a link to this page.

Example: Data sourced from Helix's mitochondrial variant database, HelixMTdb. Accessed at on [date].

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More from the Helix research team

We have many varied projects that are ongoing. You can learn more from our publications, posters, white papers, and more.