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Helix Store

Helix no longer operates the Helix Store and does not offer direct to consumer DNA Products. If you purchased a product from Helix or its DNA Product Partners in the past, the Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Platform Policy under which you established an account with Helix still applies to your account and the products you previously purchased. You can review these policies and terms using the links listed below.

Helix Policies

DNA Product Partner Policies

If you have any questions regarding a DNA Product or the use of your Genetic Information as part of a previously purchased DNA Product offered by an entity other than Helix, please contact the company that offered the DNA Product directly.

How To Contact Us

If you have questions about this notice, you may contact Helix Customer Success or call 1-844-211-2070. Please do not include any protected health information or other sensitive information when you contact Customer Success. Note that inquiries sent through the Customer Success portal (unless you have an email encryption service) are not encrypted or secure.