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Thinking about starting a family? Be ready with CarrierCheck™

Thinking about starting a family? Carrier screening is a genetic test that assesses the likelihood that you and your partner will pass on a genetic disease to your future children.
This is where CarrierCheck™ from Sema4 comes in. CarrierCheck is a genetic test that can help you discover how your DNA may affect your family and future children. It screens for 65 different genes associated with 67 genetic diseases. By screening both you and your partner, these types of tests can determine if you are both carriers for the same disease. For example, if you are a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) but your partner is not, then your children will most likely not have the disease. But if both you and your partner carry a variant associated with CF, there is a 25% chance that your children will have CF.
To guide you through your results, CarrierCheck provides you with a customized report and a genetic counseling session. In this session, a certified counselor can help you understand your odds of having children with one or more of the diseases that you have been tested for. If follow-up testing is recommended, your genetic counselor will cover this during your session. Sema4 will also provide you with additional educational information about these genetic conditions to help you better understand your results.

Get easy-to-understand results and guidance on what to do next.

Whether you test positive or negative, there is value in knowing. Many people might test positive as a carrier, but if their partner doesn’t test positive for that same disease, then there is a significantly lower chance of having a child with that condition. In the instance where both you and your partner test positive, the results can be used to help you make informed decisions.
Fortunately, there are many resources and options available to help people start a family, regardless of their test results. Ultimately, products like CarrierCheck are here to help you learn about yourself and empower you with information.
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