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Looking for the best weight loss app? DNA insights make Lose It! even better

Are you looking for a more personalized approach to reaching your weight loss and fitness goals? Look no further than embodyDNA from Lose It!, the leader in weight management apps with over 60 million pounds lost by its members.
What makes embodyDNA different is that it uses your DNA to incorporate genetic insights into your weight management plan. Are you predisposed to a higher body mass index (BMI)? Are you more likely to have a higher BMI from saturated fat intake? What about sugary drinks? embodyDNA can help answer these questions, among many others.
And when you’re ready to improve your fitness level, genetics can help you decide which kind of exercise regimen may suit you best. Humans have two kinds of skeletal muscle fibers, slow-twitch and fast-twitch. If you have more slow-twitch muscle fibers, you tend to be better suited for endurance activities like marathons and triathlons, whereas more fast-twitch muscle helps you excel at routines that require power—weight lifting, for instance. embodyDNA results reveal how a gene called ACTN3 influences your muscle composition, and it can use that information to make recommendations for your next workout.
embodyDNA also includes all the features that make Lose It! one of the most popular tools for getting in shape. Set and track your goals, keep tabs on your water consumption, and sync with platforms like Apple Health and Google Fit. Plus, get an accurate look at your calorie intake just by taking pictures of your food (you can also scan barcodes or type items in yourself). You’ll access an incredibly comprehensive database of over 7 million foods so you never have to second-guess calorie counts again.
If you’ve ever tried to start a new routine—whether it’s a new workout regimen or skipping that 3pm carb-fest—you know how hard it is to change behavior. Fortunately, we live in an era of data and have made vast advancements in our understanding of health, so we can be armed with the intel and the inspiration to make the changes we need to improve our lives. embodyDNA is exactly the kind of tool that can help you take that next step.

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