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Can siblings have different genetic ancestry results?

Most people learn about genetic testing through ancestry products. These products help you learn about your ancient relatives and helps you engage with the stories buried in your DNA. But are the stories unique to you, or do you and your siblings share the same story?
As it turns out, your story is one thing your sibling can’t take! Siblings can actually have different genetic ancestry results because of the way we inherit chromosomes from our parents. 50% of your chromosomes are passed down each generation. Theoretically, you could inherit 50% of one of your biological parent’s DNA, and your sibling could inherit a completely different half. Why is this important? Scientists can estimate the geographical regions where your ancestors lived based on small segments of DNA located on each of your chromosomes. Because of this, your sibling could inherit different chromosomes from a biological parent, which indicates different ancestry. To understand this better, check out a more detailed explanation here.