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This DNA Day, understand your food sensitivities better

With summer season fast approaching, it’s time to feel your best. We here at Helix are about a holistic life of self-care; now is a great time to re-commit to taking care of yourself, learn more about yourself, and push yourself to live the life that you want to live.

If this sounds like the year you want, we can help you continue on that journey. Helix can enable you to discover the subtle (and sometimes not subtle) ways your DNA may be influencing your life. One such way is through food sensitivities. The term “food sensitivity” may lead you to think of gluten or lactose intolerance, because these traits often come with noticeable symptoms. But researchers are finding that headaches, indigestion, joint pain, and general fatigue may all be influenced by individual sensitivities to various foods.

Accessible from your computer or mobile device, your EverlyWell Food Sensitivity+ results are easy to read and understand. The 90+ foods this product tests for are sorted by reactivity, helping you prioritize any diet changes you’d like to make. You’ll also discover certain food-related genetic insights, like whether you’re more likely to have lower vitamin B12 levels (pictured).

How it works: Two collection kits, one amazing test

Food Sensitivity+ by EverlyWell analyzes biochemical and genetic factors to determine how your body is likely to respond to more than 90 different foods. When you purchase it, you will receive two kits in the mail, one from EverlyWell and one from Helix.

The Helix kit

The Helix kit contains a tube for saliva collection. Once completed, you simply drop your sample in the mail and the lab will sequence your DNA. (Bonus: After you’ve been sequenced by Helix, you can purchase other products in the Helix Store to learn even more from your DNA without needing to submit another sample.)

The EverlyWell kit

The EverlyWell kit contains everything you need to collect a small blood sample. Once completed, you once again simply drop the sample in the mail and the lab measures your body’s immune response to 96 different foods by looking at your reactivity levels of specific IgG antibodies. EverlyWell will rank your IgG reactivities, low to high, which helps you craft an elimination diet plan to determine which of the 96 foods you are sensitive towards.

By analyzing both your DNA and your blood, Food Sensitivity+ gives you new perspectives on your approach to eating and drinking. Knowing how your body is likely to respond to certain foods may help you take on this summer with less discomfort. So if you’re ready to start on your wellness journey, let’s get started.