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How DNA helps take your wellness goals to the next level

What does wellness mean to you? For many, wellness is a way of life. It’s that combination of diet and exercise habits which, together, help you feel your best.
But often, life gets in the way. The little time and energy that’s left after the workday is done is usually dedicated to more immediate needs, so it can be hard to make time for yourself. Sometimes all you need is the right tool to help you make wellness a seamless part of life. Fortunately, your DNA (and Helix!) can help.

If weight loss is important for you, consider using this tool

EmbodyDNA is a product from Lose It!, the app that has helped people lose more than 70,000,000 pounds. Part of Lose It!’s secret to success is a database of over 7 million foods that helps users track their meals and understand what those foods are made of. Based on your wellness goals, Lose It! can suggest foods that may be added into your diet in order to keep you on track to reach them.
How does embodyDNA make Lose It! even better? It analyzes a person’s DNA for specific genetic factors that may affect the way their body processes certain nutrients. Based on this information, you can see whether you’re more or less likely to benefit from certain diets, like those that are focused on carbohydrates, protein, or saturated fats. By giving you the ability to track your food intake and measure how you’re doing against your goals, Lose It! + embodyDNA put wellness at your fingertips.

Does wellness involve exercise for you? We got you covered for that, too

The Helix Store offers several products that aim to bring fitness into the modern era, including Fitness Buddy: All Access Premium from Azumio.

With professional guidance and the right tools, insights can become actions

If you’re busy and need to work out on the go, Fitness Buddy: All Access Premium can be a great choice. After receiving a genetic report detailing the potential impact your genetics may be having on your exercise routine, Azumio provides videos to help guide you through workouts, making it easy to get in a quick workout from your home, a hotel room, or wherever you may be.
Your DNA contains around 20,000 different genes that collectively help shape the way you look and the way your body functions. Among those genes are many genetic factors that can influence how your body processes various types of foods and responds to certain types of physical activity. Though scientists are still exploring the complex ways our DNA affects us, many of the products in the Helix Store can already help you look at wellness through a more personalized lens. They bring you more than just genetic insights—these apps and services provide you with professional guidance and tools that may help you turn your insights into action.