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What do chromosomes look like?

We couldn’t live without DNA. In fact, no organisms (that we know of!) could. This incredible molecule underpins all life on Earth without breaking a sweat—and yet it’s often misunderstood. How do genes work? What’s the relationship between genetics and our physical traits? And what’s up with DNA tests?

In our new video series DNA Myths, we explore some common misconceptions about the genetic code that helps make us who we are. Along the way, you’ll get to meet some of the many scientists who’ve helped turn Helix into the first marketplace for DNA-powered products and services.

Ready to learn a thing or two about what makes DNA so cool? Scroll down for a peek at the first few episodes.

MYTH: Genetic mutations are bad

Presented by Sharon Briggs, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

MYTH: DNA testing is only about paternity and diseases

Presented by Akwasi Asabere, Ph.D., Business Development and Partnerships

MYTH: DNA chromosomes are X-shaped

Presented by Sharon Briggs, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

There’s more to come! Follow Helix on YouTube to see our DNA Myths as they’re published. If you’d like to learn more about Helix, visit—and don’t forget to check out the Helix Store.