A new kind of DNA testing

Helix is the DNA test that grows with you. As science evolves over time, you'll always have access to the latest insights—and that means you can choose the products that are right for you today, tomorrow, and beyond.

Highlights From Our Blog

5 ways Helix is seriously different from ordinary DNA tests

Here at Helix, we have a lot of fun chatting with friends and family about what we do, because we’re different—our approach to DNA learning is unlike anything else you’ve seen, heard of, or used in the past.

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Helix lab photos: See where your DNA kit gets sequenced

When you order a Helix DNA kit and send in your saliva sample, your work is pretty much done—you can sit back and relax as we enable an entire marketplace of products that are personalized to your genetic code, evolving and growing with you over a lifetime.

But behind the scenes, magic is happening.

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How it works

Order a product

Choose a product and Helix will send you a saliva collection kit (return postage included).

Get sequenced

Helix uses Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) to read your DNA, and then stores and protects the data.

Explore your results

You'll receive an email letting you know your insights are ready. It's time to start exploring!