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Learn your sensitivity to 96 different foods

Food sensitivities can have a broad range of effects on you. Many are aware of the bloating that can be caused by a dairy intolerance, but there’s more: studies have shown that headaches, acne, eczema, bloating, fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, joint pain, and migraines can all result from your dietary decisions and the way your body responds to them. In other words, when you’re looking to feel your best, it can help to know which foods may be causing you unwanted symptoms, especially since you might find many of these items in your own cupboard and refrigerator!
That’s where Food Sensitivity+ from EverlyWell comes in, which tests the specific IgG reactivities to 96 different foods ranging from gluten, to cheddar cheese, to kale, and other commonly found foods in Western diets. Innovative products like this helped EverlyWell take home a win in a recent episode of ABC’s Shark Tank!

Here’s how it works: After you submit your saliva and blood samples, Food Sensitivity+ offers you a dashboard with easy-to-understand information on the foods that might give your body trouble. Foods are ranked according to 4 levels of IgG reactivity and reported out in their respective groups. Clicking on individual foods in the list brings up detailed information on your reactivity level and what steps you can take next.

And because Food Sensitivity+ is a DNA-powered test, you can also learn much more about your genetic predisposition to certain nutritional traits. Find out whether you’re more likely to have trouble absorbing some nutrients like magnesium or vitamins B6 and B12. Get insights into the way your body processes caffeine, and whether you’re more likely to experience lactose intolerance.

Armed with all this information, Food Sensitivity+ can help you make better dietary decisions—perfect for a 2018 resolution, or any time of year.