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Ever wonder where you and your family are from? Discover ancient origins going back as far as hundreds of thousands of years, and learn how much of a Neanderthal you really are.

Regional Ancestry


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Discover your ancestral origins—where your DNA falls among several specific regional ancestry clusters. From Europe, to Asia, to Africa, and beyond, you will discover the fascinating threads that make up your unique ancestry.


One DNA Test, a Lifetime of Insights

Your first purchase includes a Helix DNA kit. All we need from you is a single saliva sample! Once your DNA has been sequenced, you’ll be able to receive results from our partners and instantly purchase other products in the Helix marketplace.

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Personalized weight loss

See better results with nutrition plans and recipes designed for your DNA.

Connecting with the past

Ever wonder where you came from? Discover your unique ancestral past.

Planning a family

Thinking about having kids? Learn how your DNA may affect your family.

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With Helix’s growing marketplace, you can choose the DNA-powered products that are right for you.

There are centuries of human history coded into our genes. From our ancestors’ migration paths to their dietary habits, the results from our DNA testing kits can tell us a lot about the people that came before us.

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You could have different ancestry than your biological siblings. How?

It would be easy to assume that one person’s genetic ancestry results can tell a family’s whole story. But that’s not exactly true. In fact, two siblings who have the same parents might have different ancestry genetic test results!

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How one family used National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 to throw an epic party

In turning their personal DNA discovery into a family affair, Retha and David set a date for when the results were to be revealed and invited their friends and family to a party hosted at their home.

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