Now you can eat a healthy diet best suited to your genetic makeup, your metabolism, and your lifestyle. Turn DNA insights into easy-to-make food decisions for balanced meals that make your body happy.

Calorie Mama AI: DNA Weight Loss Assistant

by Azumio

Lose weight the smart way with nutrition and workout plans customized to your DNA. Easily count calories by taking photos of your meals. Available exclusively on iOS.

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by DNAFit

Get an in-depth analysis of your genetic nutrition response and 12-weeks of access to the genetically personalized MealPlanner platform.

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by Lose It!

Do your food and exercise habits line up with your traits? Find out with embodyDNA by Lose It!, the app that’s helped its members lose over 50 million pounds. Available exclusively on iOS.

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by EverlyWell

Check current hormone levels and your genes that influence your metabolism. Learn how they affect your weight and energy.

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Food Sensitivity+

by EverlyWell

Learn your body’s sensitivity to many of the foods you eat and the impact your DNA may have on your ability to digest certain foods and nutrients.

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What's coming next

Diet GENius

by Re:point Creative Technology

Let DNA GENius help you lose weight and improve your nutrition by studying your genetic predispositions—and your habits—with personalized guidance along the way. Get insights to help you refine your ideal macronutrient and micronutrient balance.