Go beyond tracking your steps and make your next workout full-spectrum and specific to you. With actionable and personalized fitness insights, the info in your DNA can help you reach your full potential.

What's coming next

Argus: DNA + Premium Subscription

by Azumio

Achieve your wellness goals with workout and diet plans customized to your DNA, and connect with others in the Argus community. Available exclusively on iOS.


by CTS

Are you more or less protected from stress fractures or Achilles tendon injuries? How quickly does your body respond to caffeine? EnduranceDNA will help you use your genetic information to enhance your training, protect yourself from injury, and perform at your best. Get professional coaching for training recommendations, context, and perspective based on your DNA results.

MyTraits Sport

by Intelliseq

Bridge the gap between your fitness and your DNA by discovering how your genes affect traits like your athletic ability, metabolism, BMI, and more. Available on iPhone and iPad.