You’re a fun person and your DNA can be fun, too. From finding your next bottle of wine, to wearing a scarf customized by your DNA, turn the building blocks of you into interesting and playful insights.

Wine Explorer

by Vinome

Discover hard-to-find, curated wine recommendations uniquely tailored to your taste preferences and scientifically selected based on your DNA.

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by DNAFit

See how you stack up against a huge database of some of the world’s greatest athletes, based on your height and genetic code.

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by Exploragen

Unlock how your DNA, environment, and behaviors affect the way you sleep, and start getting better rest.

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Personalized Scarf

by Dot One

Bring your DNA to life and refresh your wardrobe with a one-of-a-kind, distinct, and fashionable knitted scarf.

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Personalized Print

by Dot One

Visualize what makes you truly unique with a high-quality art print personalized entirely by your DNA.

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What's coming next


by HumanCode

Discover, celebrate, and encourage your future baby’s unique potential. BabyGlimpse will uncover unique traits your baby is likely to inherit from you and your partner—for super-sharable fun plus a whole new way to plan for better health and wellness.