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Ask your DNA.

Your DNA knows a lot about you. Whether your resolution is to eat smarter or just feel better, your genes can show you which paths lead to success.

Made a bunch of resolutions? No worries! Just one convenient saliva sample can unlock the entire DNA Store and all the insights in it.

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What are your resolutions?

Resolution: Diet wisely


by Lose It!

Looking to fit back into your old jeans? Sounds like a job for your genes. Harness the power of your genetics to come up with a weight loss plan that truly works for you.

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Resolution: Train smarter

Muscle Builder

by DNAFit

Sick of workout plans that don’t work? Get committed to fitness in 2018 with 12 weeks of genetically guided training, including step-by-step instructions for each exercise.

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Resolution: Be adventurous


by HumanCode

Explore what makes you who you are, from your ancestry to your behaviors, preferences, and physical appearance. Then share and compare your results with friends and family!

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Resolution: Feel great

Food Sensitivity+

by EverlyWell

Want to get better at feeling your best? Learn how DNA affects your body’s reactions to food, then use that information to create a diet that’s right for you.

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Resolution: Start planning


by Sema4

Thinking about the future? Carrier testing is now more accessible than ever. Find out if you could pass on certain genetic conditions and how DNA may affect your future family.

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