Regional Ancestry

by Insitome

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Discover your ancestral origins—where your DNA falls among several specific regional ancestry clusters. From Europe, to Asia, to Africa, and beyond, you will discover the fascinating threads that make up your unique ancestry.

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Includes a DNA kit for first-time users.


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Explore your global ancestral journey

The history of your ancestors is written in your DNA. Who you are today is a result of who your ancestors were, from the emergence of the human species down through thousands of years of migration.

Experience a new chapter of your DNA story

Regional Ancestry focuses on your genome-wide genetic ancestry – where your DNA falls among more than two dozen regional ancestry clusters that include Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Oceania. It is based on the latest research, using data from a global database of thousands of DNA samples.

Our Regional Ancestry Insight leads you through your story step-by-step with visual aids to help you piece together this fascinating chapter in the incredible story of you.

Each of Insitome’s chapters reveals details about 200,000+ years of human evolution that made you, you. Your story is overseen by Insitome founder and CEO Dr. Spencer Wells, consumer genomics pioneer and former director of National Geographic’s Genographic Project.

Discover where your ancestors are from

All human beings share a common heritage in Africa, but when and how did your own ancestral threads become unique and distinct from all the others? With our innovative Regional Ancestry analysis you can learn all the threads that have combined to make you unique, and understand how they related to each other.

Each ancestral cluster has its own story as individual and interesting as your own. Understand the history behind even the smallest component of your ancestry, and comprehend the broad arc of time and numerous peoples that define your heritage, across continents and millennia. The question “where are you from?” is far more interesting than you ever expected!

The science

When DNA passes from one generation to the next, most of it is mixed around by the processes that make each of us unique. But, some parts of the DNA remains largely intact generation after generation, altered only occasionally by random mutations. These intact stretches of DNA can be used to trace your ancestry back tens of thousands of years.

Insitome Regional Ancestry uses reference data from thousands of individuals to match your DNA to different populations from around the world. Accuracy of the results depends on the diversity of these reference populations, and may not agree with similar analyses using different reference populations.


Behavior and environment have no influence on your ancestry.


  • This app will not provide any medical information or a diagnosis.
  • Regional ancestry will be more accurate for individuals from some regions.

How it works

Get access to the best and latest in DNA discovery. It takes just 3 simple steps.

Order and we’ll send a DNA kit to your home

Order Regional Ancestry and Helix sends you a DNA collection kit, which includes everything you need to get sequenced.

Provide a saliva sample and get sequenced

Register your DNA kit, provide a small saliva sample, and drop it in the mail using the provided pre-paid shipping box you get in your kit.

Receive your Regional Ancestry results

After Helix sequences your DNA from your saliva, you’ll get an email from Insitome to view your results when they’re ready.

The Helix DNA kit

To capture the information stored in your DNA so it can be used for this product, we need to collect a small, one-time saliva sample from you. This kit has everything you need to provide that sample from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll never have to provide another.

  • A unique Kit ID you’ll use to register your kit

  • Saliva collection tube, cap, and printed instructions

  • A small bag and prepaid box to send your saliva sample to our lab

About Insitome

Insitome delivers immersive genetic experiences that empower, educate, and entertain. Our company values scientific innovation, storytelling, and design. Our products help reveal each fascinating chapter in the incredible and mysterious story of you. Join us in this journey of discovery today to find your place in history.

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About Helix

Helix empowers everyone to explore what makes them unique—their DNA.

From health and wellness insights to family planning and ancestry information, Helix’s growing list of partners can tap into your genetic profile to provide relevant insights for today, tomorrow and years to come.

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  • Do I have to get sequenced to use this product?

    Yes. In order to use Regional Ancestry, you need to be sequenced by Helix. To ensure the quality and accuracy of the genetic information used for this service, products in the Helix marketplace do not accept genetic data from outside sources.

  • How does Helix provide my DNA information to Insitome? Is it shared with anyone else?

    Your DNA information is stored securely by Helix. When sequencing is complete, Helix only sends the relevant DNA information needed by Insitome to generate your results. We do not share your DNA information with anyone without your permission. We always maintain high standards when it comes to the security and privacy of your DNA information.

  • How do I learn more about how Insitome uses my information?

    You can find learn more in the Insitome Privacy PolicyTerms of Service, and Product Consent.

  • How do I view my results?

    Insitome will send you an email when your results are ready to be viewed online.

  • Do I need an iPhone or iPad to use this product?

    No. You can access Regional Ancestry using your web browser on almost any device, or you can download the Insitome Traits app from the App Store on your iPhone.

  • Who do I contact if I have more questions about Regional Ancestry?

    Visit the Insitome Help Center or contact Insitome directly at