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Get the deepest insights into how your DNA influences your body’s response to fitness and nutrition. Make your wellbeing truly personal.
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Required one time only so Helix can collect a saliva sample from you and sequence your DNA.

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Fitness Diet Pro

by DNAFit


A better way to eat and exercise

Great Gift For: Someone looking for DNA-based guidance to eat and exercise better

What to Expect: Fitness and nutrition reports that help you set (and keep) your fitness plan

Value: Personalized exercise and diet plans with DNA-powered guidance at every step along the way

Make your exercise choices truly personal

There’s no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach to exercise. DNA Fit’s Fitness Diet Pro will help you understand how your body responds to power or endurance training, your resilience to sports injury, and recovery speed, to make your exercise choices right for you.

Discover a world of personalized nutrition

You’re not the same as everybody else, so why should your nutrition be?

Fitness Diet Pro tells you about your genetic response to carbohydrates, saturated fats, lactose, alcohol and caffeine. You’ll also learn whether your genetics indicate an increased need for anti-oxidants, omega-3 fats, vitamin B and vitamin D.


Get the deepest insights

Since DNAFit began in 2013, we’ve taken cutting edge science out of the laboratory and into the hands of tens of thousands of people, helping them understand how their DNA affects their response to exercise and nutrition changes, to change the way we train and eat, one DNA sample at a time.

Plus, we know that genetics is only one part of the picture, so we never overstate the application of DNA in the real world. The value you’ll find from your DNAFit experiences comes from understanding your genetic profile in conjunction with your goals, lifestyle, and environment—the whole picture.

The science

Your physical fitness is largely determined by how often you exercise, the type of training you do, your body type, and how much you enjoy competing in specific sports. Genetic variants related to fitness and weight loss are connected to the way that your body processes food and responds to exercise, but they do not guarantee that you will or will not be successful with any given diet plan.

Your DNA may help you narrow in on new diet plans or exercises that you might prefer or find more successful than others, or even just a better understanding of your existing preferences. Everyone, regardless of their genetics, will benefit from increased exercise and a well-balanced diet.


Genetics can help, but your diet and exercise choices have the biggest impact on your weight.


  • This product will not provide any medical information.

  • Genetic results are based on population-wide studies. What is true at a population level average may not be true at an individual level.

  • Results may be more accurate for individuals of certain genetic backgrounds.

  • Results do not determine or limit your ability to gain or lose weight.

  • Our understanding of how genetics influences metabolism and physical performance will improve with more research.

How it works

Get access to the best and latest in DNA discovery. It takes just 3 simple steps.

Order and we’ll send a DNA kit to your home

Order Fitness Diet Pro and Helix sends you a DNA collection kit, which includes everything you need to get sequenced.

Provide a saliva sample and get sequenced

Register your DNA kit, provide a small saliva sample, and drop it in the mail using the provided pre-paid shipping box you get in your kit.

Receive your Fitness Diet Pro results

After Helix sequences your DNA from your saliva, you’ll get an email from DNAFit to view your results when they’re ready.

The Helix DNA kit

To capture the information stored in your DNA so it can be used for this product, we need to collect a small, one-time saliva sample from you. This kit has everything you need to provide that sample from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll never have to provide another.

  • A unique Kit ID you’ll use to register your kit

  • Saliva collection tube, cap, and printed instructions

  • A small bag and prepaid box to send your saliva sample to our lab


  • Will my results come with an explanation?

    DNAFit prides themselves on delivering genetic results with an unparalleled level of explanation and interpretation for the best possible customer experience. The information is delivered in a number of formats, so whether you want to know the exact effect of every gene, or just want to know your recommended nutrition action points, the reports contain the information you need.

  • Does this product come with the Fat Burner, Muscle Builder, or Meal Planner programs?

    No, Fitness Diet Pro provides insights that you can use creatively or differently in your own way. For a more structured approach to dieting and exercising in addition to DNA insights, check out these DNAFit products: Muscle Builder, Fat Burner, and MealPlanner.

  • Why are Fitness Diet Pro results more accurate for certain people?

    Genetic associations used by this product were originally discovered in European populations and may or may not be applicable to people from a different background.

  • Do I have to get sequenced to use this product?

    Yes. In order to use Fitness Diet Pro you need to be sequenced by Helix. To ensure the quality and accuracy of the genetic information used for this service, products in the Helix marketplace do not accept genetic data from outside sources. And, once you’ve been sequenced by Helix, you can purchase more DNA-powered products from a variety of categories like fitness, nutrition, entertainment, and more—all without having to get sequenced again.

  • How does Helix provide my DNA information to DNAFit? Is it shared with anyone else?

    Your DNA information is stored securely by Helix. When sequencing is complete, Helix only sends the relevant DNA information needed by DNAFit to generate your results. We do not share your DNA information with anyone without your permission. We always maintain high standards when it comes to the security and privacy of your DNA information.

  • How do I learn more about how DNAFit uses my information?

  • How do I view my results?

    DNAFit will send you an email when your results are ready to be viewed online.

About DNAFit

DNAFit’s mission is to help identify how people exercise, eat right, and live better on a truly personal level.

Since DNAFit began in 2013, we’ve taken cutting edge science out of the laboratory and put it in the hands of tens of thousands of people, helping them understand how their DNA affects their response to fitness and nutrition changes. We are changing the way people train and eat, one DNA sequence at a time.

DNAFit has been featured by CNN, Men’s Health, BBC, Fast Company, The Guardian, Vogue, and The Daily Telegraph.

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About Helix

Helix empowers everyone to explore what makes them unique—their DNA.

From health and wellness insights to family planning and ancestry information, Helix’s growing list of partners can tap into your genetic profile to provide relevant insights for today, tomorrow and years to come.

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