Protecting Your Data and Privacy

With Helix, you are in control of how and when your information is used. We believe it’s your right.

Learn how Helix prioritizes the security of your genetic information and the privacy of your personal information.

Your security

We do our best to keep any information you share with Helix safe. We use industry best practices — with security methods similar to banks — to avoid any misuse of information. We also expect our partners to meet high security standards.

To lower the risk of unauthorized access, we’ve designed our systems so that genetic data and personal data are stored separately. Additionally, access to this data is strictly based on roles and need.

Your privacy

When you purchase a product, Helix shares only the relevant information that a product needs to generate your results.

For example, if you purchase a product related to ancestry, we will share only the ancestry-related parts of your DNA with the specific ancestry product you purchased so your results can be generated.

We only share your data with your permission, except in limited circumstances noted in our Privacy Policy.

Our pillars of data protection

Data Security

We use strong SSL/TLS ciphers and strict policies to help keep your information private and safe.

Data Sharing

You can choose to stop sharing your information with us or our partners at any time. We believe it’s your right.

Trusted Partners

We expect our partners to meet high standards that we establish for privacy, security, and user control.

Encryptions and passwords

We encrypt both your genetic data and personal information using strong SSL/TLS ciphers. This allows us to safely store your data and securely share it with the partners who provide you with the DNA products you purchase.

Keeping your Helix account secure is important for keeping your genetic information private. We encourage using strong passwords, not reusing passwords, and never giving out your password to anyone. Helix will never ask for your password.

Information sharing

You can revoke data sharing with any partner product through your account settings. Additionally, you may close your Helix account at any time.

To stop service, remove access, or request a closure of your account for a specific partner product, you will need to contact the partner directly.

Revoking any information sharing or closing accounts from Helix or partner products may impact your ability to access products you have purchased.

With Helix, you control who can access and use your genetic and personal information.

How we use your data

We use your genetic data to power your experience with Helix and the products you choose to purchase from our partners. We may also use some of your non-genetic data to highlight products you may find interesting based on your search or purchase history. These recommendations will not be based on your genetic information or results.

If Helix receives law enforcement or other legal requests for your data, we will not disclose your genetic information without a valid subpoena or search warrant specific to your genetic information. For more information on how we handle legal requests, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Self-reported information

We may ask you for some self-reported information, such as your diet and exercise habits. This information could improve the insights you get from DNA products. It could also enable other experiences and support services through the Helix Store.

Sharing this information is voluntary and completely up to you.

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