Once you've purchased Prostate Cancer GRS, follow the steps below to receive your results:

Step 1. Receive, register, and return your Helix DNA saliva collection kit. If you have already been sequenced by Helix, you do not need to provide another sample and you can move on to step 2.

Step 2. Look out for an email from NorthShore University HealthSystem
with the subject line "Action Required: Consent to Genetic Testing" and provide

Step 3. After providing consent, you will receive an email from Genome Medical confirming your test order has been reviewed and authorized by a physician with the subject line “Your genetic test has been authorized by your Genome Medical physician”. Note: if a physician determines you are not authorized for the test, Helix customer care will reach out to you.

Step 4. Once a physician has approved your test, you will receive a second email from Genome Medical with your results attached (via Virtu secure email) with the subject line “NorthShore Prostate Cancer Genetic Risk Score test results are in” when your results are ready. For first time Helix customers, results will be delivered in 6-10 weeks. Customers who have already submitted a sample to Helix and been sequenced can expect results in 10-14 business days.