The people behind Helix

We’re a rapidly growing company headquartered in the Bay Area and San Diego, with teammates across the nation.
Sarah Bobulsky CFO of Helix

Sarah Bobulsky

Chief Financial Officer

Sheren Chiang

VP of People

Jim Chou

Chief Technology Officer

Sharoni Jacobs, PhD

Sharoni Jacobs, PhD

Sr Director of Product, Science

Marc Laurent

Marc Laurent

VP of Partnerships & Operations

Daniel Lee

SVP of Life Sciences & Growth

Will Lee, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Elissa Levin VP of Medical Affairs & Services

Elissa Levin

VP of Medical Affairs & Services

Leslie Liang

VP of Legal

James Lu, MD, PhD

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Kirsten Mouritsen

Sr Director of Product, Enterprise and Experience

Craig Newman

SVP of Health Systems & Strategic Partnerships

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board is comprised of the world's foremost experts on genomics. Each member serves an important role in upholding our high scientific standards and serves as a strategic resource as we build an ongoing destination for DNA discovery.

Wendy Chung, M.D., Ph.D.

Wendy Chung, M.D., Ph.D. is a clinical and molecular geneticist and the Kennedy Family Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine and Director of Clinical Genetics. Dr. Chung directs research programs in human genetics of obesity, breast cancer, pulmonary hypertension, autism, and more. She is a national leader in the ethical, legal, and social implications of genomics; leads the Precision Medicine Resource in the Irving Institute At Columbia University; and has served on the Institute of Medicine Committee on Genetic Testing.

Nita Farahany, J.D., Ph.D.

Nita Farahany, J.D., Ph.D. is Professor of Law and Philosophy, Director of Duke Science & Society at Duke University, and a member of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethics. Her research focuses on how developments in behavioral genetics and neuroscience inform societal norms about privacy and individual liberty.

Judy Garber, M.D., MPH

Judy Garber, M.D., MPH is Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Director, Center for Cancer Genetics and Prevention at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Dr. Garber’s recent research has evaluated novel agents targeting DNA repair defects in treatment and prevention of triple-negative or basal-like breast cancer.

Our Investors

Helix's mission is made possible by the generous support of our board of investors.

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Our big vision comes with big responsibility. That’s why we’re building a team of experts in the fields of genomics, engineering, technology, research, commercialization and beyond to develop actionable DNA insights for our customers. We’re looking for the best and brightest minds who are excited to
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