What will we be talking about?

Helix's comprehensive population genomics solution—including the proprietary panel-grade Exome+ assay, next-generation sequencing lab, and research platform—is powering multiple population health initiatives. Data from these projects have highlighted the potential impact that population genomics initiatives can have on community health outcomes, and have already been used to uncover novel insights into the genetics of health and disease.

  • Wed. Oct. 16th
  • Thurs. the 17th
  • Fri. the 18th

Poster presentations

We'd love to tell you about the work we've been doing. Come find us at one of our posters or at our booth (#339) located across from the career fair.

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Platform talks

Genome-wide rare variant analysis for thousands of phenotypes in >70K exomes

Liz Cirulli, Ph.D., will discuss a first of its kind analysis combining two exome datasets to analyze the effect of rare variants on thousands of phenotypes.

Liz's talk will be at 10:00 am, Thursday, Oct. 17, in Hall B, on level 1

Applying Confidence Intervals to Clinical Polygenic Risk Scores in 60K Individuals

Keith Dunaway, Ph.D., will provide an overview of his work on developing a better way to use next-generation sequencing data in polygenic risk scores through quantifying uncertainty.

Keith's talk will be at 11:00 am, Thursday, Oct. 17, in the Grand Ballroom C, on level 3