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Helix is taking DNA sequencing out of the lab and into the hands of consumers. Customers will be able to explore a host of DNA-enabled products and get valuable insights into their health, ancestry, nutrition, fitness, and more.

Helix captures our customers’ DNA and stores the data long-term, allowing them to purchase new products without providing another saliva sample. And, Helix is making it easy for partners to incorporate the power of DNA into both new and existing products, without having to build any laboratory infrastructure or additional scientific expertise.

Our growing ecosystem of partners

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Now, it’s easier than ever to develop innovative consumer products enhanced and personalized through the power of DNA

Let us handle the sequencing, storage, and processing

Released from the burden of developing your own test design, laboratory, and database infrastructure, you can focus on delighting consumers while Helix takes care of the rest. Our San Diego-based lab is one of the largest next-generation sequencing facilities in the world and is CLIA-certified.

Integrate DNA into your products with our innovative API

Helix’s sequence once, query often approach is built on a robust API (Application Programming Interface) and a development sandbox that facilitates an agile and cost-effective software development process for our partners.

Collaborate with our geneticists, engineers, and product experts

Whether you're a household consumer brand, established name in clinical practice, or a small startup, our team is here to help partners deliver new products to market. We ensure that products are scientifically sound, deliver a valuable consumer experience, and will grow successfully on our platform. Helix is also committed to regulatory compliance and helping partners navigate the regulatory landscape.

Access 100x more genetic data

Our proprietary Exome+ technology captures significantly more data than most other consumer genomic companies on the market. This enables our platform, and our partners’ products, to keep pace with the latest scientific breakthroughs and evolve as the science evolves—providing incremental value over time through new product developments, enhancements, or updates.

Develop secure products and services

We take privacy and data security very seriously. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of bioethics and maintain rigorous policies and procedures to keep our customers' data (and yours) safe and secure. Helix will not share genetic information without permission.