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Women’s Wellness for you, for free

Our newest collection of DNA traits, designed just for women. Learn about your body, nutrition, sleep, and more.

Bone density

Should I kick up my calcium?

Exercise impact on weight

Should I work in more workouts?

Omega-3 levels

Should I consider adding more fish to my diet?

Iron levels

Should I consider eating more leafy greens?


Is my DNA keeping me up at night?

Saturated fat impact

Should I go easy on the Gouda?

Resting heart rate

Are genetics making my heart beat a little faster?

Age at menopause

Am I likely to start menopause earlier or later?

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Men's Wellness is coming soon!
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Men's Wellness is coming soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I upload my DNA data to find genetic relatives?

    No. Helix does not use your genetic data to identify your genetic relatives.

  • What does Helix do if I have been sequenced by Helix and also upload my or 23andMe DNA data to Helix?

    If you have both sequencing data and uploaded data, Helix will only use your sequenced data for all your products, including the Women’s Wellness product.

  • How is my uploaded DNA data used?

    We use your uploaded data to provide you insights through the Helix DNA products you use. You can learn more about how Helix uses this data in Data Upload Consent. Additionally, the data you upload will be used to deliver results for Women’s Wellness. Information on how your data is used in that app can be found in the Women’s Wellness Product Consent. If you consent to take part in our research project, we also use your uploaded data for this research. We describe this research in our Research Consent. We do not share your uploaded DNA data with our partners.

  • How long does it take to receive my data once I have finished uploading?

    Results are delivered approximately 30 minutes after data upload is complete.

  • Once I upload my DNA data, can I purchase other products in the Helix Store without submitting a sample to Helix?

    You can purchase other products in the Helix Store, but you will need to submit a saliva sample to us so that we can sequence your DNA using next generation sequencing (NGS). NGS delivers more data from your DNA than other tests which do not use NGS, and products sold in the Helix Store may rely on this sequencing data in order to provide you with the most accurate results possible.