Helix COVID-19 Test Platform

Together with our partners, we provide an end-to-end solution to help schools reopen

simplify test

Easy, supervised
using lower nasal

Next day results
(after sample
receipt in the
Helix laboratory)

for K-12

PCR test,
validated for

How it works

Helix enables reduced operational costs and complexity by training and empowering school administrators to operate and monitor on-site sample collection.

Re-entry Testing

Use online registration & scheduling to test all returning individuals, giving you an idea of infection prevalence in your school. Operations can be streamlined by having trained administrators conduct the testing. Helix will return results to the school, parents or guardians, and
public health agencies.

Confirmatory Testing

In the event of a positive pool, the entire pool would be quarantined & contacted for individual retesting. Students who test negative can return to school immediately.

Asymptomatic Surveillance

To guard against asymptomatic spread, teachers may be tested twice weekly, and students
once weekly. Optional pooling (3 students/pool pod) can help balance cost reduction, test sensitivity, administrative burden, & learning disruption.

Ongoing Monitoring

With sustained low rate of infection, student testing frequency can be reduced to decrease
the cost of the testing program

Hear from our partners

The Helix Laboratory

CLIA-Certified, CAP-Accredited

Helix's laboratory is a high-complexity, CLIA-certified, CAP-accredited facility with a demonstrated track record of powering high-volume clinical projects. Helix’s barcoded collection system allows for rapid and error free accessioning. This has enabled fast turnaround time: 99.7% of samples are completed in just 24 hours. Helix is one of the highest capacity labs in the nation, having been described by NIH as a "mega-lab" with capacity for 100,000 COVID-19 tests/day.

Helix COVID-19 Test

The Helix COVID-19 Test is a real-time qRT-PCR test. For more information, including important test limitations, navigate to our COVID-19 Test page.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of COVID-19 test does Helix perform?

    Helix runs RT-PCR tests, collected with a lower swab. Helix performs this test on individual samples as part of diagnostic testing, or in pooled samples as part of a surveillance program. The Helix COVID-19 test initially received Emergency Use Authorization for supervised collection of individuals suspected of COVID infection in July 2020, and expanded this indication in October to include on-site unsupervised self-collection and testing in asymptomatic populations.
  • What is COVID-19 pooled testing?

    Pooled testing combines swabs from multiple individuals in a classroom and runs them as a single test. This is an effective way to significantly increase testing capacity and lower the cost of testing programs in low prevalence situations. With Helix, a pooled sample can include swabs for as many as 25 people, but you can set the amount that works best for your situation. For example, if classrooms have 15 people, the simplest and most streamlined process is likely to test in groups of 15, rather than 25.
  • Does the sample collection require a medical professional?

    It does not, although many schools choose to use medical professionals to administer or supervise sample collection. We and our partners strive to be as flexible as possible so that the testing can be incorporated into your site operations.
  • How much does Helix COVID-19 school testing cost?

    The cost depends on a number of factors, but can be less than $10/individual tested. In many cases the testing may be covered by federal funding under the American Recovery Act. If you fill out the contact form below, we can schedule a call to answer more specific questions about costs for your school and your situation.
  • How often should schools be testing for COVID-19?

    There is no single right answer to this, but most schools settle on testing students, teachers and faculty once per week. High risk groups or individuals may want to get tested more often.
  • How soon can we get started?

    You can get started right away, and the first step is to contact us using the form below. It typically takes a few weeks to get the supplies, complete training, and set up operations. Once in place, it can take less than ten minutes per week to administer testing.

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