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Tap into the rapidly growing market for personal genomics. Expand your reach, increase access to your interpretations, and work with us to pioneer new avenues for preventive health.

As individuals continue to be more proactive about driving their healthcare, including access to their genomic data, responsible and high-quality return of results is critical.

That’s where you come in. We handle logistics so you don’t have to—just focus on educating and communicating genetic information. We’ll introduce you to a market of engaged individuals who are motivated to use genetics to better understand their health.

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Our growing ecosystem of health partners

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DNA Product Studio by Helix

Now, it’s easier than ever to develop innovative consumer products enhanced and personalized through the power of DNA

Core partner support

User management and onboarding

User accounts, Helix Connect, user consent, data collection transactional communications, and lifetime user data

We've got you covered

Our Exome+ assay, including copy number variant caller, covers key regions needed to deliver health insights. Our next generation sequencing platform powers the next wave of products in preventative health. Branded DNA kits, fulfillment, U.S. shipping, and CLIA/CAP lab service included.

Genome as a service - APIs

Partner API (user events, sample status), Genomics API, Ancestry API (25+ populations), Insights API, and content for hundreds of traits

Scientific support

Review and identification of appropriate science to include, research collaborations to marry partner data with genetic data

Product, design, and engineering support

White-label solutions, ideation, wireframes and design, user research, technology selection, systems integration, application architecture

Commercial and marketing support

Business modeling, pricing strategy, roadmapping, lifecycle management, co-marketing for PR, blog, email, social, brand, and campaigns

Platform validation

Partner security review, Scientific Evidence Evaluation (SEE), validation testing, sequencing positive controls, policy review


Dedicated customizable product page on, promo code support, checkout and purchase, third-party checkout supported, mobile app checkout

Simple product evolution

Select insights

Choose from more than 100
unique insights from our
Insights API and/or your own
trait interpretation

Choose product type

Embedded (1-2 weeks)
White-label (1-2 months)
DNA-powered feature (1-2 months)
Custom app (6-12 months)

Launch and learn

Survey users, gain data about
what is loved and how to
scale and enhance your
DNA product for the future