Your DNA adventure starts now

DNA discovery isn't just about ancestry and dietary restrictions–it’s about learning who you are. Your foodie self, your fitness self, your coffee-cups-a-day self, even your vitamin-intake self. With DNAPassport, you’ll explore over 40 traits and begin a lifetime of DNA insights.

How it works

Getting started with Helix


Register your DNA collection kit and provide a small saliva sample.


Just ship off your sample in the pre-paid shipping box and stay tuned for your results.


Now that you have your sequence, you can shop all the products in the Helix store without submitting another sample.

The Helix DNA kit

To capture the information stored in your DNA so it can be used for this product, we need to collect a small, one-time saliva sample from you. This kit has everything you need to provide that sample from the comfort of your own home, and you’ll never have to provide another.

  • A unique Kit ID you’ll use to register your kit

  • Saliva collection tube, cap, and printed instructions

  • A small bag and prepaid box to send your saliva sample to our lab


  • Does DNAPassport provide medical or health related advice?

    DNAPassport is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. It is a fun, entertaining app that provides genetic-related information.  Please always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you read in DNAPassport.

  • Do I need to get sequenced to use this product?

    Yes. You need to be sequenced by Helix to use DNAPassport. To ensure the quality and accuracy of the genetic information used for this service, products in the Helix marketplace do not accept genetic data from outside sources. Once you’ve been sequenced by Helix, you can purchase more DNA-powered products from a variety of categories like fitness, nutrition, entertainment, and more—all without having to get sequenced again.

  • How does Helix provide my DNA information to HumanCode? Is my information shared with anyone else?

    Your DNA information is stored securely by Helix. When sequencing is complete, Helix only sends the relevant DNA information needed by HumanCode to generate your results. We do not share your DNA information with anyone without your permission. We always maintain high standards when it comes to the security and privacy of your DNA information.

  • How do I view my results?

    HumanCode will send you an email when your results are ready to be viewed.

  • How do I learn more about how HumanCode uses my information?

    You can find learn more in the HumanCode Privacy PolicyTerms of Service, and Product Consent.

The only DNA test you’ll ever need

We’ll send you a Helix DNA kit for you to provide a small saliva sample. We’ll sequence your DNA–and you’ll be able to use it to learn, again and again.

Your gateway to discovery

Begin your DNA learning journey with a simple mobile app and website showcasing 40+ traits. Share and compare with friends and family.

Get lifetime secure storage

We securely store and protect your DNA information so that you can use it for different tests, apps, and products, worry-free.

Keep learning with 35+ more products

From health tests to just-for-fun discoveries, shop a variety of products on the Helix Store to continue learning from your DNA whenever you like.

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