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What’s better than a gift? A personalized gift, of course! And we’re not just talking about monograms or engravings here—we’re talking genetics. After all, there’s nothing more personalized than a product that’s based on your very own DNA.

That’s where Helix comes in. As we head into the holiday season, we’re helping you find awesome DNA-powered gifts in the Helix Store for everyone on your list. These are gifts that feel truly personal and special—they’ll help your friends and family learn more about themselves, and have fun doing it. From ancestry to fitness and just about everything in between, you’ll find products and insights that are sure to get a smile when the wrapping paper comes off.

And the best part? A Helix gift keeps on giving. Your recipients only need to get their DNA sequenced once, which they’ll do when they receive your gift. After that, they’ll be able to buy additional DNA-powered products in the Helix Store without having to submit another sample.

So, who are you shopping for?

The family historian


Geno 2.0
National Geographic

Go way back with someone? Help them go way, way back by getting to know their ancient ancestors and the paths they took. It’ll be the coolest gift they get this season by a few thousand years.

Learn more about Geno 2.0 by National Geographic

The connoisseur


Wine Explorer

Help someone with talented taste buds find curated wine recommendations based on their DNA and taste preferences. It’s like matchmaking for mouths.

Learn more about Wine Explorer by Vinome

The unconventional


Personalized Scarf
Dot One

Shopping for someone seriously in touch with their inner style? Let them show it off with this one-of-a-kind, cozy fashion staple. Accompanied by a booklet full of insights about their DNA, it’s a gift that’s code for “you do you.”

Learn more about Personalized Scarf by Dot One

The fitness fanatic



Fuel someone’s competitive streak by showing them how they stack up against some of the world’s greatest athletes. Just don’t be alarmed if they start trying to become one.

Learn more about StartLine by DNAFit



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